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Active Account

  • To activate account, users at Bsocial will need to spend an amount of 50,000 BINS.
  • This is a one-time payment, after which users will gain access to Bsocial’s features and be able to participate in daily engagement objectives or receive rewards according to the account’s follower-based rank.
  • Each account is linked with one Metamask account and will generate a separate wallet on Subsequently, after successful account activation, user’s account will be stored as a Non-fungible Token (NFT).
  • No KYC required. Please head to the terms and policy section.

Why is it not free?

  • Most of the current social network structures involve a free-to-use characteristic due to the existing limitation of them in being able to only connect users and spread information. In the past few years, we have witnessed the conventional social networks having a shift in their offered value. Users have been able to indirectly make money through their online networks. For instance, one who is renowned within the tech enthusiasts community can open a cell phone retail business and make money.
  • Thinking outside of the conventional approach towards a social network, what is the most desired kind of value for the community of finance and MMO, cryptocurrency enthusiasts of BSocial? The answer is: a method to earn (Social-to-earn) and network. This further elaborates the concept of SocialFi.
  • The initial joining fee of 50,000 BINS is set by BSocial to encourage users to be responsible with their activities on the platform. Meanwhile, by paying the cost, users will gain access to activities and potential rewards, which can then be both a direct and indirect income source for them.