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Phase 1: Product Development

  • Idea consolidation and defining development goals
  • Constructing & completing infrastructure
  • Essential social features: Sign up/ Log in, Profile, Posting, News feed, Messenger, Calendars, Survey, Notes, Poll
  • Completing Crypto Wallet function
  • Adding ‘Reward on Like/Repost’ functions
  • Adding ‘Only Subscriber’ function
  • Releasing Beta Version on web browser
  • Releasing Beta App on iOS (TestFlight) and Android with essential social features
  • Releasing BINS Token in the Fair Launch token distribution model

Phase 2: SocialFi

  • Adding ‘Active Account’ system
  • Adding ‘Daily Objective’ system
  • Adding Follower-based Ranking System
  • Adding Monthly Account-ranking System based on follower
  • NFT Account and Marketplace
  • Adding new social features: Explore
  • Update website and mobile app into official versions

Phase 3: Users

  • System scale-up in accordance to number of users
  • Efficiency upgrade
  • Administrating and releasing patch updates
  • Adding and upgrading engagement coordination algorithms
  • Marketing campaigns & organizing community events
  • More exchange listing for BINS token
  • Expanding partnership