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For Beginer


Buy $BINS Token

1️⃣ Download Metamask
2️⃣ Install “Smart Chain” network (BSC Chain) and own some BNB
3️⃣ Access:
4️⃣ Connect your Metamask wallet with PancakeSwap
5️⃣ Use the contract 0x822DC83fA4dc997fFf24D0BC0A66fCB2954a6156 to search for "BINS” Token
6️⃣ Swap “BNB” for “BINS”

How to download the Bsocial app?

1️⃣ Google Play
2️⃣ iOS
3️⃣ You can use Bsocial directly on WEBSITE

Account registration

1️⃣ Access the website
2️⃣ Register > Fill information > Confirm email address
3️⃣ Connect your Metamask wallet
✅ At the moment, users are FREE to create an account and start experiencing

How to earn from “Reward on Repost”?

1️⃣ The amount of rewards will appear on the post
2️⃣ Click “Repost" (🔁) and reward will be directly transferred to your wallet