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Social Network Features

Essential features of a social network

Bsocial fully meets the requirements for essential features of a social network in connecting, storing and transferring information. The essential social networking features integrated in Bsocial include:
  • News Feed containing posts from accounts you followed
  • Explore Feed showing trending posts
  • Messenger (P2P message): exclusive feature for Subscribers
  • Content interactions: like, comment, repost with text, images, videos and gifs
  • Survey, Notes, Poll
  • Live Video

Reward on Like/Repost

  • You can assign a specific amount of DRK to be spent for each post, as well as the amount to be received by other accounts for each repost (share). Spreading your post with ease!
  • If you are enthusiastic about a particular post, don’t hesitate to gift them with some DRK (you can assign the value flexibly) by using the Reward on Like function.
  • Reward on Like/Repost function can only be used from the website (Metamask linked) or web3 on mobile phone (Metamask app, SafePal, Trust Wallet, Coin98)

Only Subscriber

  • The stand-out aspect between ‘Follow’, which anyone can do AND ‘Subscribe’, only for accounts willing to pay your determined price in DRK Coin
  • The ‘Only Subscriber’ on each post will make your post appear only to people who have paid the fee you charged. At the same time, only these ‘subscribers’ can send you messages
  • The ‘Only Subscriber’ function can be enabled on your profile settings and can only be used on website (Metamask linked) or web3 on mobile phone (Metamask app, SafePal, Trust Wallet, Coin98). Payment will be made in DRK Coin.