Introduction - The First #SocialFi #Socialtoearn Platform
Bsocial is a social network specialized for Cryptocurrency and MMO (making money online) communities. In addition to fully meeting the required functions of a social network, Bsocial also allows each individual to optimize income generated from content creation and peer-to-peer interactions.
The goal of Bsocial is to establish a collective platform to serve the MMO enthusiasts, especially in the field of cryptocurrency. The social network will facilitate friend-making activities, information update and self-exhibition, through which users can earn money by interactions.
The development of Bsocial is fundamentally inspired by the recent GameFi movement within the cryptocurrency market. It shall be known as a new trend under the name SocialFi. Thanks to the integration of Non-fungible Token (NFT) and cryptocurrency into social networks, users can now get familiar with the concept of Social-to-earn. Moreover, while GameFi provides players with entertainment value besides earning capability, SocialFi brings social interactions and values of content, knowledge and information in the same principle.

Exclusive Features of Bsocial


  • Reward for completing daily engagement objectives
  • Rank rewards based on number of followers
  • Monthly revenue sharing based on Rank Account
  • Account (NFT) and Marketplace

Premium Tools

  • Reward on Like/Repost
  • Only Subscriber: keep your high quality content exclusive
  • Cross-chain wallet system
  • Messenger: P2P communication tool that optimizes user privacy
Last modified 2yr ago